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LACMA: All Your Neutras Are Belong to Us

Sure, Michael Govan has been pretty busy since he took over as director of LACMA, what with the Renzo Piano renovation and the giant, dangling trains. But he's also been pretty vocal about his desire to buy more mid-century modern architecture for LACMA's collection. And he's talking up those grand plans again:

His plan is to acquire Wrights and Neutras and Schindlers and have curators live in them, to help maintain and show them and to "keep the ideas alive," as he puts it. Govan gets even more audacious: "I've jokingly talked to Frank Gehry about his house, and he said, 'Fine, except I don't have anyplace else to live!'?"While we secretly relish the idea of a homeless Gehry forced to live on the streets he plans to gentrify downtown, we're getting a little tired of Govan's talk. It's time to walk the walk. When will Govan finally start his buying spree? If he wants to start small, we know of an adorable little Lautner out in Desert Hot Springs in need of some love. [Image of Michael Govan from Men's Vogue: Williams + Hirakawa]
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