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Who Will Hawthorne Hire For His Own House?

It's come to our attention that our favorite architecture critic, the LA Times' Christopher Hawthorne, is in the process of choosing an architect for his new home in NELA. Surely he has to choose a local starchitect, right? It wouldn't behoove the top LA-based architectural critic to pick, say, a New York-based firm. But if he chooses a local architect, it pretty much guarantees that architect won't be seeing much future LA Times coverage. So which is more valuable? The implicit endorsement of Hawthorne's commission or the possibility of future reviews in the LAT? Should he go with our favorite archistud, Lorcan O'Herlihy, whom he ravaged last time around? (And not in a sexy way.) Maybe he'll want some elegant Modernism and go with a Kappe commission. Perhaps he's a secret Star Wars fan and wants his very own Death Star. Then there's Maltzan, fresh off his Hammer commission. The possibilities are endless. Who should Hawthorne choose? A local up-and-comer? A tried-and-true starchitect? Leave your suggestions in the comments, because we know he's reading.
· Los Angeles Times Architecture Critic To Hire Architect To Design His House! Whom Will Christopher Hawthorne Hire? [LA Cowboy]