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CurbedWire: Disney Hall Back in LA Hands

[Image by flickr user lindn]

1) Downtown: About 20 years after thoughts of Disney Hall were just a gleam in Lillian Disney's eye, the concert hall is transferring title back into the hands of LA County. The construction of the hall was funded through private donations and spearheaded by Eli Broad and former Mayor Riordan. Since the hall opened in 2003, it's been owned by a Disney Hall nonprofit organization.

2) Traffic: If it felt like that red light was never going to change, it wasn't just in your head. The city is accusing two transportation engineers of hacking the traffic lights at major intersections to create gridlock back in August. It might lack the drama of a Sleeper Cell-type terrorist attack on our city's transportation grid, but its just so insidious...making cars WAIT. AT RED LIGHTS. LONGER THAN NECESSARY. These two are evil geniuses.

3) Downtown, Redux: It looks like downtown will finally get a Ralph's supermarket in June, according to blogdowntown. And not just any old Ralph's, but an upscale Ralph's. Downtown's residents will no longer be denied their organic produce and artisanal breads. The Ralph's will be located in Market Lofts on 9th and Flower Streets, joining other bobo retailers like the Coffee Bean and Coldstone Creamery.