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Rumblings & Bumblings: Responses Appreciated

It's Tuesday again. Good going, America. If you forgot how we play this game, here's the rules. We post questions from actual readers. You, the know-it-all neighbor, leave an answer to a question in the comments or you email us at We post the answers you provided on Thursday. We fact check when time permits and issue corrections on our super-secret shadow blog.

We received a lot of questions this week, so we'll be doing some spillover into next week. But today we provide five.

1) Beverly Grove: What-up, indeed! "... what's up with the Beverly Connection? They seem to have done half of a makeover, but major tenant spaces (facing La Cienega!) remain empty and the poorly-aging '80s signage is still up on two corners. I can't believe that this prime real estate (across from the Beverly Center! close to The Grove!) can't get filled. The web site doesn't look like it's been touched since late 2005."

2) Marina del Rey: Development + Unconfirmed Rumors = Trader Joes! "At Admiralty & Palawan in the Marina there's something under construction that's been mentioned on the site before, but with only the cursory 'mixed use is planned...' The clanging pile drivers have moved on after 4 months/12 hours a day of driving piles so they must be making progress. Neighborhood rumor has it that that Trader Joe's will be going in. Please help us feed the rumor mill."

3) Venice: Questioner above adds a second q for discussion. " Washington & Dell there is a large 10-15 story office building and several surrounding low-rise properties that are being redeveloped. The smaller buildings were recently razed and the tower has been slowly gutted over several months, perhaps it will come down too. Sign on the wall says Lennar Urban so it will probably be more expensive condos.... will they knock down the ugly tower; retail space?"

4) Hollywood: A question which deserves foodie attention: "What's happening at the Numero Uno on Highland, just south of Hollywood Blvd.? It's been closed since before Christmas. The internet tells me it used to be a Kenny Rogers Roasters / Nathan's Famous until March 2005, and then disappeared suddenly to become the Numero Uno. I hope the same isn't happening again. Come back, fluffy crust!"

5) Van Nuys: We got a Valley question, which is really rare. Thank you. "...wondering if anyone had any insight as to what is going up at the corner of victory and sepulveda in Van Nuys. The lot has sat vacant for years and they are in the process of putting in a foundation and putting up large wood beams (looks like it could be a nice setup for some kind of coffee shop)."