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LA: Center of the Universe

Beating out the likes of Berlin, Beijing, and New York City is no small feat, but that is exactly what LA has done. Hubculture has selected Los Angeles as the proverbial center of the universe for 2007 - where our culture, fashion and technology dominate the world as never before, spreading berds to the seven seas and the Laguna Beach kids to the height of cultural ubiquity. Via Hubculture:

A controversial choice? Sure it's big, but LA is finally hitting on all cylinders: fashion, tech, entertainment, and overall groove... Myspace culture is taken for granted, everywhere. New walking areas and urban regeneration projects, from downtown to Malibu to Hollywood, make the city much more palatable than before, despite the endless crush of traffic. Entourage and other shows, from the OC to Laguna Beach, have moved the collective consciousness west. All in this and more help make LA the city of the moment: the energy is positive, its power is on the rise, and people everywhere have LA on their mind. Yeah, we're not sure what weight this pronouncement carries beyond a few interweb pages, and exactly how the cancellation of The OC figures in to this, but it's worth noting nonetheless.
· Hub Culture's 2007 Zeitgeist Ranking [Hubculture via]