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Fire, Fire, Everywhere

Over the weekend there was mucho fire activity. First, a fire broke out on the 26th floor of one of the Century Plaza Towers, regularly seen in our logo header. Curbed designers our working furiously to update the image to reflect the fiery inferno. The fire took 30 minutes to snuff out, and resulted in approximately $80,000 in damages.
· Century Plaza Tower Fire Causes $80,000 In Damage [CBS2]

The Thai Nakorn restaurant in Garden Grove has served its last order of spicy tom yum kah gai, as the restaurant burned to the ground over the weekend. The restaurant was a favorite among foodies with a love of Thai food. The restaurant had been a staple in the community for 20 years.
· Blaze destroys Garden Grove Thai restaurant [OC Register]

A Corona wildfire that singed something like 200 acres was apparently started by self combusting manure. Nearly 400 firefighter battled the manure blaze which luckily did not cause any damage to any structures, so please don't get your knickers in a twist and start accusing us of making light of a serious tragedy. Blame the manure.
· Spontaneous Combustion of Manure Starts 200-Acre Blaze [ABC7]