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CurbedWire: Development Stop and Go

(image via My Hollywood Star)

Development: Uh-oh, Concerto! An emailer asks us to provide more development news and less of that fluffy celeb housing news. We say, sure. We'll try. The emailer also stirs the rumor pot with this note: "I heard a rumor that Concerto (Sonny Astani's project) at 9th and Fig is dead. Not just the second tower, but the whole deal. No activity in the pit in a few weeks seems to give credence to the rumor."

Restaurant: Eater LA and an emailer report on the shuttering of Hamburger Hamlet across from Hollywood & Highland. Via email: "...the Hamburger Hamlet across from Graumann's Chinese just shut down (they have the requisite brown paper on the windows). Where will the skinny Spiderman, sweltering Darth Vader and rather cute Princess Fiona go to grab a bite (between $5 photo-ops) now?" We believe the HH will lose an H, gain an M, and start selling Swedish fashions to the tourist crowd in the very near future.