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Battle of Burbank Continues: Whole Foods Strikes Back

If you thought the battle between the horseys and Whole Foods in Burbank would just quietly disappear, you are dead wrong. Although, it's off our front page, our original story continues to receive a running commentary from those involved. Via commenter BurbankianNumeroDos, we get this update:

Got a very slick, glossy flyer in my newspaper today. It reads, "You can help ensure Whole Foods joins our community." OUR community. Also: "We can have a brand new Whole Foods market right here in Burbank." WE can have. There is slick stock photography and a professional ink/watercolor rendering of a Spanish-style Whole Foods market. Although the flyer is purportedly the work of "Neighbors for Burbank Whole Foods", the domain is registered anonymously and the phone number prefix is a North Hollywood prefix. Excuse my BS radar, but this looks and smells like corporate fraud. Anyone have any background on this org?

We checked out the URL for Neighbors for Burbank Whole Foods, but the site remains undeveloped. Hopefully, the snooping horsepeople will get to the bottom of this and let us know.