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"Berd" Man's Unmotivated Art

The LA Weekly finally got around to profiling the mysterious artist behind the birds on wires that have pooped popped up all over town. The artist, known by a few as Browne, spends two bucks a berd - oh yeah, he spells it "berd" -and manufacturers each one with his own bare hands.

Browne tossed his first Berd at the corner of Brooks and Pacific in his hometown of Venice earlier this year. What started off as “a way to escape and do something different and all that shit” has snowballed into a public art phenomenon. In the colorful world of street art, it’s a numbers game — the more Berds Browne throws, the more success and notoriety he gains. So what do the berds mean? What issue are they supposed to shed new light on? What do they say about our society? Fuck if Browne knows. And *fuck* if we care.
· Berd On a Wire [LA Weekly via LA Taco]