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Future Los Angeles Wants Your Votes

(image of Eric Owen Moss via History Channel)

In December we posted a sweet video thingy showing what a Los Angeles of the future might look like. It was all part of the History Channel's "Engineering an Empire" program which sponsored charettes around the country to look at future growth of the country's mega-cities. Have we lost you yet? Whatevs. Anywho, the jist of this story is that a winner of the charettes from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles were chosen, with each team receiving prize money. Now those three winners are going head-to-head, and you, the individual, gets to vote on which of the three visions of the future is your favorite. We offer congrats to Eric Owen Moss Architects for submitting the winning entry:

The Los Angeles City of the Future winner, Eric Owen Moss Architects led by Eric Moss director of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, devised a plan to revitalize the eastern end of downtown LA by building over, under, around, and through the freeways, rivers, power grids and tracks while filling the concrete-trapped Los Angeles River into a center for tourists and parkland. While we regularly make fun of Eric, we recognize he is a talented architect, we're just aware that he's a giant tool. Voting is open through February 2nd.
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