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A Contrast in Creativity

San Francisco web blog SocketSite just discovered the City House and Olympic. After the initial shock of learning that the nipple towers may dwarf the newly proposed One Rincon Hill towers in SF, commenters soon jumped on the "what the hell are they thinking" bandwagon.

"Is that some Stalinist Architecture clip art, or real renderings of the proposed buildings?"
And some people complain about SF's "architectural conservatism."
What city planner in LA decided to bring Louis Sullivan and Daniel Burnham back from the grave?
Titan Organization Inc. -- ugh, can anyone say bland and boring? What an eyesore.

LA can have their tallest and ugliest buildings. I'll take SF's "petite" and "pretty." Sadly, the poor kids up north are working from the old renderings. Wait until they see the new ones.
· The Tallest Residential Tower West Of The Mississippi Los Angeles! [SocketSite]