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CurbedWire: Sex Sells

Restaurants: A PinkBerry knock off gets knocked off? Perhaps. A reader queries: "What happened to Kiwiberri on 3rd Street, the first of the Pinkberry clones to open? According to a neighboring business owner, the copycat was in litigation with the original." Did Kiwiberri succumb to the wrath of the Pinkenberry monster?

Brokers: Having nothing whatsoever to do with LA, we found this story too good not to mention. Two women in Gwinnett County, Georgia having been leading double lives. By day, mild mannered real estate brokers. By night, sexy high-end prostitutes. The busty duo now find themselves behind bars. Another Lifetime movie in the making. [WUSA9]

Architecture/Culture: The OC's shiny new beacon of prosperity, the Segerstrom Concert Hall, has a few problems. Namely blocked sightlines, funky air conditioning and jammed exits. Lovers of opera and the symphony are also dealing with cramped leg room, hard seats, and strained necks as they twist in all sorts of directions to get a clear view of the stage. Its a grand old bitchfest in the OC. We know we should make a joke about flying Northwest Airlines here, but it's just not coming to us.