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Frogtown: Where the Hip Kids Go?

(image via los_angeles livejournal tour of Frogtown)

Atwater Village Newbie, and several of you, have been none too pleased with our selection of Long Beach as the next up and coming hipster hood. We chose Long Beach partially as a result of the "up and coming" label that has been affixed to Northeast LA for the last several years. How long can one neighborhood sustain the title before it's time to move on? We also chose Long Beach as a way to rub salt in the wounds of the haters in San Pedro. That should teach 'em good. Today, the Newbie offers his own call on the future of hipster LA, pointing to the obscure riverside neighborhood of Frogtown (Elysian Valley). Why? Affordability. Rawness. Adjacency to other cool areas. Sounds like Atwater Village five years ago. Buy now, bask in hipness later.
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