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6 People Flock to the Platinum Triangle

The OC's grand plan to grow up and not out appears to be a go. The Register reports that the nearly completed Stadium Lofts is accepting its first residents, with others soon to follow.

About six buyers were planning to pick up keys and start moving into the 390-unit Stadium Lofts, the first residential development to be completed in the Platinum Triangle. Other new residents are expected to follow soon. We question the use of the word "about" in front of the number six, as there is no "about" unless some buyers count as less than a full person, which in our minds is discrimination. Which is hate. Hate has no place in the Platinum Triangle. But we digress. The Triangle will soon provide an additional 8,000 dwelling units in what planners hope will be something of a vibrant downtown atmosphere, with shops, cafes, pedestrians, tall buildings, and a melange of multicultural people, all in the middle of Orange County. Unheard of!
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