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Rumblings & Bumblings: Que Pasa Garagemahal?

Hey, Rumblings & Bumblings is back today. As always, answers for this week's questions or questions for next week's answers accepted via email at Proceed!

1) North Hollywood: NoHo, NoHo, A renters life for me... "Does anyone know what is going on with JSM's NoHo Towers on Lankershim?! The project looks 100% complete and has looked that way for nearly six months now. But there are neither "for-sale" signs nor "now renting" signs up anywhere. I had heard the developer was switching to condos from rentals a few years ago when everyone went condo crazy. Then I heard they went back to rentals. I just can't figure why 191 units are sitting vacant. The developer must be losing a fortune per day. What gives?"

2) Beverlywood: A reader peppers her question with two "pleases" and two question marks, leaving us defenseless. We will try to get more pics. "Please, oh please, can we have an update on the garagemahal??"

3) Santa Monica: More rentals in SM. "hey, do you have any info on the archstone main street santa monica property? i've been wondering when they'll finally open up."

Magic Eight Ball says answers on Friday.