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CurbedWire: A Map for Every Need

Preservation: The Mayfair Theater in Santa Monica, a city landmark, is going to be renovated and rebuilt, as - what else? - a mixed use development. One of our readers lets us know: "I work at an architecture firm and have seen the plan and it basically only preserves the facade of the original structure, but the 36 unit apartment complex that will be built up behind it is pretty nice looking." The Landmarks Commission is serving in an "advisory" capacity while the Architectural Review Board makes the real decisions. But the Landmarks Commission is not without its own set of demands: a new marquee, a plaque with historical context and new construction should be better integrated into the historical facade.

Mapping: One reader with a lot of time on his hands has spent the past few weeks compiling the motherload of all LA maps mashups. Traffic, LAX in-bound flights, beer, fast food, and even emergency events are all listed. Someone should make a mashup of all mashups. We love meta-mapping.

NIMBY: The proposed Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills is already embroiled in controversy.At issue: Traffic. As in, it already slows to a crawl in the middle of the day around Wilshire. Proponents support the project because it boosts the city's "luxury brand" which is in need of "saving" as shoppers forsake Rodeo for the Grove. Apparently even municipalities have brands these days. We say forget the Waldorf, Beverly Hills needs a logo.