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McMansion Envy #030

We were drawn back to Chatsworth for this edition of McMansion Envy. Easy pickens in this part of the Valley. As you can see, this lovely home lacks, ummm... what's the word... you know when there's like bumps and stuff on the facade. Yeah, apparently the architect didn't know what the word was either, so instead of variations in the building facade we get a tiny door surrounded by Hummer friendly garage doors, cleverly disguised by that pipsqueak tree, and some windows reflecting a Moorish/Caliterranean styling. The home seller boasts hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, top of the line carpet, granite counters, and more all "done to the 9s". Lucky for the neighbors across the street, if they love this home's design there's two more just like it next door. Retail Price: 899,900 - 914,900 (negotiable)
· 9353 FARRALONE Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311 [Homesby]