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Echo Park Rumble: Lou Reed Vs. Martha Stewart

Photo courtesy of Delilah Bakery
There's a smackdown going on here in Echo Park, a turf war that isn't being watched by special police squads. Coffee shop Chango, longtime meeting place of local disenchanted hipsters, has a new next-door neighbor: Delilah Bakery. Bright, pretty, and stocked with sweet cupcakes, Delilah Bakery opened last week just blocks from Chango. "Come in bitter, leave sweet" is the bakery's tagline. "Come in bitter?" Sounds like a dog whistle to the ironic, Marlboro-smoking locals who haven't scored that record deal. We heard Delilah's call and sampled their mac 'n cheese. It was pretty tasty, but we're still not taking sides in this coffee house rumble.
· Delilah Bakery