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CurbedWire: State of LA

Housing: From a reader of the print version of the Times: "Did anyone else happen to notice the Homes insert in the LA Times on their way out the door for the holidays last Saturday? Okay, so never mind that the insert which used to be over a hundred pages is now just a hair over 20 (maybe it's just the season). Did you notice the COVER?

An entire page of homes for sale in TEXAS with an invitation to go live there. Wow. Welcome to 2007 LA."

Housing/Architecture: In reference to our post on the Pugh+Scarpa project inSM, another reader has another sighting. "Yeah, the Pugh+Scarpa project looks great. I've been watching it go up for a year now and am excited to see it finish. There's another fine affordable housing project just finishing, funded by Community Corp of Santa Monica, (same as the Pugh project) by Kanner Architects, at 26th and Santa Monica Blvd. It's looking great too, maybe some readers out there have some pics for you to post. Thought you might be interested since you posted an interview with Stephen Kanner several months ago." PICS are welcome!