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Downtown LA Gets More Free Wifi

What started as a little experiment in Pershing Square is about to expand. No, not the ice rink, although that would be awesome. Downtown LA is going to start resembling downtown Long Beach pretty soon, as free wifi expands past Pershing and into Bunker Hill, the Financial District, Historic Core, and Little Tokyo. In addition to the wifi expansion project, ExperienceLA will also receive a $225,000 upgrade, pending approval by the City Council.

While we love us some free wifi and municipal investment in technology infrastructure, not all is rainbows and lollipops in the world of wifi. There is also a dark side, a la Big Brother:

The equipment will enable free Internet access in those neighborhoods and provide Wi-Fi surveillance cameras at Angels Knoll Interim Park and in Little Tokyo in partnership with the Little Tokyo stakeholders and the Los Angeles Police Department Central Division, which will receive the camera feeds and monitor them.So you just may want to think twice before downloading that latest pic.