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CBS Studios Project Gets M*A*S*Hed

In response to our brief meme about the sighting of Mike Farrell at the Van Nuys planning counter last week, a reader writes in with more info about the big stink in Studio City.

A bit of info about the development... The small of it. CBS is building 2900 multi family units, and there is a proposed 600 unit apartment building, and the developers are trying to change the 45ft 3 story height limit to more than 75ft and beyond....

More than 200 people attended the SCNC [Land Use Committee] meeting on Wednesday. All of the proposed development sites were debated at length. The meeting went past midnight (don't let that scare you away from future meetings, this rarely happens).

We are proud to report, because of the great turnout and emails, that the Land Use Committee stood its ground and did not allow the developers to garner their votes. No motions were sent to the SCNC board for approval regarding new development. In fact, the LUC resisted a developers wishes for a waiver of public hearings.

The Aqua Vista, Radford and Ventura projects must return with more detailed information next month for review.

A motion was sent to the board to support the 12837-51 Moorpark appeal of a development with a 54 foot height adjacent to homes.

We need to continue to keep the pressure up on our elected officials, to both Councilmember Wendy Greuel, the SCNC board members and the developers.

Thank you for the update.
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