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Olympics Update: Why Chicago Doesn't Deserve It

(rendering via Chicago Tribune)

Some excitingly bad Chicago news came our way over the weekend. We hope the Olympic Committee takes note and punishes Chicago, severely. Firstly, the Chicago Tribune's archi-critic Blair Kamin deconstructs the misleading renderings of potential Olympic development, that seems based more in fantasy than in a world constricted by people and limited resources. Buildings are massed unattractively. "Rock droppings" in the water appear with no plausible support. And many of the structures are temporary, making some wonder why spend the money for such a short-term gain.

Then, we also read of the horrible Bears fans who taunted New Orleanians visiting the Windy City for the playoff game between the Saints and Bears. Via CBS2 in Chicago:

In one instance, a woman being interviewed by a New Orleans TV reporter in front of Soldier Field was pushed out of the way by a man screaming, "Super Bowl, Super Bears." New Orleanians say some Bears fans even used inappropriate references to Hurricane Katrina as part of their rants. Saints fans say that crossed a line that never should have been crossed.

Most notoriously was a sign displayed by a Bears fan that said, "Bears, Finishing What Katrina Started."

Some Chicago fans were also taunting a man who lost his wife and child during the hurricane. We think all Americans can agree that Chicago is not the best host for the Olympic games in 2016, and in fact should kneel before Los Angeles and ask for mercy, when none is deserved.
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