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Culver City Now Officially Cool

[Photo credit: Norman Walsh]
It’s official: Culver City has been anointed “hip.” All of us in Los Angeles, of course, already knew this transformation from plainville to hipville was taking place in Culver City, but the New York Times Travel section just deemed it worthy of the almighty cultural tourist dollar:

Culver City, once considered a place to drive by on your way to somewhere else, has become Los Angeles's newest stylish neighborhood, a magnet for lovers of the arts, good food and culture. One part Hollywood nostalgia, one part modern design, the city-within-a-city now inspires expressions like “nascent Chelsea” and “L.A.'s new restaurant mecca.”Though we do appreciate the transformation Culver City has undergone, it is still, um, a work in progress. The last time we went there we must have missed the hordes of food pilgrims flooding the restaurants. And until we see legions of luxury lofts, we’re not convinced that L.A. gentry are ready to call Culver City home.
· In Culver City, Calif. Art and Food Turn a Nowhere into Somewhere [NY Times]