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Orange Line Buses to Grow

The popularity of the Orange Line dedicated busway has sparked MTA planners to push for longer buses to squeeze more people into the system. New "futuristic" 65-foot buses will shuttle travelers from one end of the Valley to the other beginning this summer. Via the Daily News:

With five extra feet, the megasize bus can hold at least nine more seated passengers and up to five more standing in the aisle than the 60-foot buses shuttling residents today from North Hollywood to Woodland Hills. The extra-long bus could help meet the soaring demand for the 14-mile Orange Line, where ridership is nearing its capacity of 22,000 weekly riders - more than the Gold Line, said Richard Hunt, San Fernando Valley Service Sector general manager.

The MTA is also looking at 80-foot buses, but that appears to be further down the line. No word when construction of a faster, higher capacity light rail system might come in to the mix - cuz you know its coming.
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