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CAA Building: Pei It Forward?

The mystery of what will happen at the old CAA digs in Beverly Hills deepens as Slate also wonders aloud what is to become of the I.M. Pei-designed space. While Nikki Finke conjectured Ovitz wants to move back in, Slate throws out one more idea: Museum? After all, Ovitz has an estimable modern art collection. Slate also examines why Cushman and Wakefield haven't been able to lease what should be prime office space: Its too damn expensive ($5/square foot), hugely inefficient (all that money for a giant atrium), and no one knows what to do with the ginormous Lichtenstein in the lobby, that can't be moved or disassembled.

One thing everyone can agree on: everyone hates Ovitz.
· The Empty I.M. Pei Building [Slate]