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Curbed LA Pricechopper: Billionare Blues

Poor little billionaires just can’t get what they used to for an estate. Real estate developer Kirk Kerkorian recently slashed the price on his 30-acre Beverly Hills estate from $25 million to $18 million. And to add a little cachet (or gaudiness, depending on how you see it) to the house, he changed the address from 9172 Oak Pass Road to 9800 Wanda Park Drive, thereby changing the ZIP code from 90027 (gasp!) to 90210 (NICE!). For this newly discounted price, a lucky buyer will find himself with a six-bedroom 8,402 sq. foot house, tennis courts, two pools, and two guest houses.
· Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian lowers price on 30 acre estate in Beverly Hills [Big Time Listings]