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Eater Tastings: Apple Pan Remenbers the Good Ole Days

Its Friday, time to binge and then purge as we get ready for the weekend! Eater LA counts our calories for us. Above, Apple Pan sign from the Eater LA Flickr pool, by user chotda

1) We will always have a soft spot in our darkened, shriveled hearts for Sid and Marty Krofft, so we're sorta rooting for old Sid's new restaurant Eleven.

2) CNET - listen up and stop messing with Chowhound. Everyone hates the redesign.

3) Eater LA called it last week, Bastide's new chef is...Walter Manzke.

4) Now that diabetic hottie Sam is out of Top Chef, we no longer care who wins. But Eater LA won't shut the fuck up about it.

5) Happy birthday Apple Pan. Pie 'n Burger still beats your burger any day.