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CurbedWire: You're a Mess. You're Fired.

[Picture Credit: Eater LA]

Celebrity Watch: Our friends at Zillow just can't seem to get into the Valentine's spirit. They're celebrating the holiday by tracking down the ghosts of couples past, or at least their real estate purchases. Included in the roundup: Jessica and Nick, Brad and Jen, and Tom and Nicole. And let's not forget old Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio's Beverly Hills home is in there too.

Municipal Mess: A Riverside county judge is in danger of losing his job. This time, no charge of corruption. No alcohol-fueled racist rants. No sex-with-underage-midgets scandal. It seems Robert G. Spitzer is kind of messy. As in disorganized. Disheveled. Sloppy. Unkempt. Or rather, his office is. A special panel of judges is now deciding if he's fit to serve the bench with horrible organizational skills. [Via Organizing LA]

Restaurants: Eater LA takes a first look at Le Grande Orange Station Cafe, which opens in Pasadena's historic Del Mar Train Depot, after it was moved so the city could build the Archstone Apartments, Gold Line, and an underground parking garage. It was then moved back and will be a pretty freaking huge restaurant (with three patios) by April.

Development: It looks like the multi-family Playa Del Oro apartment and retail project on Lincoln and Manchester Ave is moving forward. The developer, Decron Properties, has lined up $120 million in financing to begin the 26-month construction. And like every new mixed-use development, the amenities will include "a large resort-style pool and sun deck, two outdoor spas, a fitness center, a business center and a coffee bar/lounge. The residential units will include 12 live-work spaces." Because "artists" need both a tan and a latte to thrive in this city.