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WeHo Council Hopefuls: We Have No Objection to Chickens

Just to clarify for some of the confused oldies, regarding our last post on a ban on caged chickens in WeHo, the reference is to the feathered birds not the Go-Go Boys. Now that that's cleared up, the WeHo News reports today that the issue of the chickens, and more boring items like traffic, over development, and affordable housing, are being hotly debated in advance of the upcoming March 6th Municipal election, in which three council seats will be at stake. At the Council meeting on January 16th, candidates attacked the sitting WeHo City Council for gridlock, overdevelopment and evictions of residents - but especially chickens.

First up was Ed Buck, running on the West Hollywood Neighborhood Alliance (WEHONA) slow-growth, anti-development slate, who cast aspersions on the incumbent’s judgment by pointing out that, “Tonight the council will debate housing and not homes, medical marijuana and chickens. As we speak Santa Monica Boulevard is backed up. It seems odd to me that this council has accepted gridlock as a regular event but is more concerned about chickens.”

Following on his heels was a fellow WEHONA candidate hoping to gain one of the three seats available this March 6, Heavenly Wilson. “Mr. Buck has no objections to chickens and neither do I. I have been choosing, whenever possible, not to buy eggs laid by battery hens. The Council Members were quick to defend their actions to save the chickens and encourage development, citing the Council's previous humane actions and the increase in tax revenues. We say enough is enough. It's time we heard from the chickens.
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