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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Target's Second Floor

Thanks for the quick responses again this week. Very interesting to see what Target is doing. For next week, please email your questions to If we've missed posting your question, please email us again. We had an email issue.

[Picture of California Chicken Cafe on Ventura]

1) Harbor City: From the ruins of a Target, shall sprout another Target, you say. Only bigger. Two stories, with groceries, maybe. A more pressing question for Harbor City is what ever happened to Reggie the Alligator? Did somebody catch him and we missed the news?

2) Woodland Hills: As many of you noted, Chuy's on Ventura is being replaced by a "California Chicken Cafe". Commenter formerval notes the chicken house may face some probs: "It doesn't matter what they put in where Chuy's is. It's an impossible location - either you can see the building and the sign from Ventura, or you can enter the parking area through the alley off Shoup, but you can't do both from the same place unless you make a half u-turn off the 101 offramp. Nothing has survived there for more than a year or two that I can remember. Whatever they put in there, it'll be gone by 2009."

3) Koreatown: Theories abound in the comments about the fate of the Coffee Bean at the Mercury. Robert Fiore comments: "It appears that the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is going to be built across the street, in what used to be the uncovered portion of the Ralphs parking lot. At least that was what I thought the sign on the now fenced off construction site said when I passed it the other day. It would appear at any rate that CB&TL is committed to that intersection." However, if you can't wait for the CB&TL, every coffee house in Koreatown is helpfully identified in the comments.

Until next week...