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CurbedWire: Business as Usual

Retail: Tesco is getting sued already and they haven't even opened up shop yet. MSN reports the super retailer of our dreams has come under attack for not getting proper CEQA review for it's Riverside warehouse complex. Some are speculating that the forces behind the lawsuits are actually competitors and the UFCW grocery workers union, who want a unionized Tesco. [MSN via]

Hotels: Grand Avenue, Downtown's other mega-project, has secured an operator for the proposed on-site hotel. reports The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will manage the 275 room hotel portion of a proposed 48 story mixed-use tower designed by Frank Gehry. Mandarin Oriental is also developing hotels in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Chicago, among others.[]

Culture: The Smithsonian in D.C. is presently showing an exhibit on Orange County's Little Saigon community. Photos of immigrants, from their departure on helicopters from Vietnam to their arrival, and immersion in the culture of the United States is displayed in a heartwarming story of people fleeing the evils of communism. [OC Register]