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Home Depot Steam Rolls into Glassell Park

A reader gives us a photo and the latest info. on the Behemoth of Retailing, Home Depot, that will be coming to Glassell Park very soon:

After a two year long Interim Control Ordinance and the adoption of a Community Design Ordinance and a Zone Change that limits retail stores to 75,000 square feet, Home Depot will be moving into the abandoned K-Mart building at the corner of San Fernando Road and Fletcher Drive—sans building improvements and Planning Department review. Evidently they no longer need to modify the building to accommodate lumber and power tools, they can just wheel the merchandise in and start selling. Obviously, this maneuver has disappointed both the local community groups and decision makers who have kept the retail giant at bay for this long in the hopes that the site would eventually be used for a mixed use development that would both complement the pending LA City College Campus across the street and the neighboring residents who are reportedly okay with driving 2 miles the either of the existing Home Depots that are located along San Fernando Road in Cypress Park and Glendale. And that's that. Big Box Strikes Again.