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Downtown Railway Flying Again... With Brakes This Time

Angel’s Flight a.k.a. “The World’s Shortest Railway” a.k.a. “The Free-Falling Funicular” is poised to recommence operations after a six year hiatus. For those who are unaware, Angel’s Flight links the Historic Core of Downtown with Bunker Hill. The railway was built in 1901 to save people a walk up the hill when Bunker Hill was a residential neighborhood. And we thought people became lazy with the advent of the automobile. Anyway, it’s been closed since a little crashy-crash in 2001, but it will likely re-open this summer after the brakes have been checked more than once.

[Officials] showed off the refurbished railroad and announced that they were about to begin the third phase of the railway's $2.6-million restoration, which will include installation of a new drive system and safety improvements. They also expressed excitement that as new developments, including the nearby Grand Avenue project, reach completion, Angels Flight might actually be used again for commuting.For all of those new residents flooding to Bunker Hill, this will be a saving grace from that dreadful commute to the rest of downtown.
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