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Final Nail in the El Toro Airport Coffin

NIMBYs 1, Traveling public 0. Yesterday, the El Toro Reuse Planning Authority met for the final time after a ten-year-long and dramatic battle over what to do with the old Marine base in the OC. As of March 31, the ETRPA will no longer exist after having won the battle. Initial plans called for an international airport on the sight as an effort to ease congestion at LAX, but some OC residents and towns would have none of it. The ETRPA formed to battle the state, feds, and others to find a use for the land other than a much needed noisome airport. Instead of an airport, El Toro will become a park, suburban office space, and ticky-tacky tract housing. This most certainly will enhance the quality of life in the OC.
· Anti-Airport Agency Votes to End Its Operations [OC Register]