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Rumblings & Bumblings: Target Demo

Hello friends. This evening while throwing peanuts at your TV while you watch the State of the Union, we hope you'll consider these fine reader submitted questions. Please submit your answers to us by email or by comment. All emails are confidential, so spill your guts. Emails accepted at

1) Harbor City: From the ruins of a Target, what shall sprout, a reader asks. "A few weeks ago there was a Target department store right off the 110 Freeway at the Sepulveda exit in Harbor City. Two weeks ago, the Target and parking lot it had fences around it. Last Friday, January 19th it had disappeared (i.e. been demolished). Do you have any information on who is developing the site and what is being planned for the location?"

2) Woodland Hills: Another snuff-out of tiki culture to be replaced by ??? A reader queries: "care to sniff out what's going on in woodland hills at the former site of Chuy's - on ventura just east of shoup? looks like the grass hut look and tiki torches are gone, replaced by a chain link fence and a new, angular looking building. are we getting anything good in the west valley?"

3) Koreatown: We get headaches when we don't get coffee. This reader gets enraged. "This is pissing me off... I take the 720 down Wilshire everyday for work. I pick it up at Western, where they've been working on the Mercury condo conversion for decades. They promised a desperately-needed Coffee Bean on the bottom since the get-go but none appears. The bottom floor of the tower is gutted for retail and a Coffee Bean sign appeared a few weeks ago. We all want coffee (there is nowhere else to go in the area--except Denny's, gross.) What is the friggin' hold-up?!?"