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CurbedWire: Celebrities and Dead Planners

1) Celebrity Watch: We were at the planning department today in Van Nuys, when who should waltz in? Actually, that was our question. But somebody informed us it was Mike Farrell of TV's MASH. He's apparently getting all wound up about a multi-unit residential project going in on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City and is throwing his "celebrity" against the project. We'll try to identify said project and report more later.

2) Celebrity Watch: A little further north, in Oxnard, we get word that Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters has purchased a new home. Hooray! Via Big Time Listings blog: "In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report that late last year, Grohl, 38, bought the house... in Oxnard, which is north of Los Angeles... The seven-room house has about 3,088 square feet, according to public records. Features in the house, which had been listed for $3.9 million, include four bathrooms, furnishings and electronics, and a four-car garage, according to listing information."

3) Urban Planning: One of our favorite planners of all time, who wrote countless quality planning textbooks that we read, has passed away. Daniel J. Curtin, an expert on land-use and planning law died at age 73 on November 30th. For countless young planners, Curtin's California Land Use and Planning Law, was a must read - as in you must read it or you will get an F on your final and be forced to become a planner in Texas. The APA web site has a nice obit. Thanks to PatrickP for the linkage.