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Downtown Adaptive Reuse: More to Chew On

The Downtown News gives us some more information on a story we told you about last week: the biggest adaptive reuse project in L.A. EVER. The former AT&T building at 611 W. 6th Street is being redeveloped by 611 W. 6th St. Association LLP, and the project is tentatively called 611 Place. We certainly hope that the design of the building is more creative than the developer's naming abilities. Anyway, floors 16-42 are planned as 402 live/work condos (no word on whether they’ll be “luxury”), and floors 1-15 are planned as office condos. Approvals may come from the Planning Department today. As an interesting aside, this building, built in 1967, was the first in L.A. to be higher than City Hall.
· Mondo Conversion [Downtown News]