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L.A. Officially Throws Hat into Olympic Rings

Chicago hasn’t won yet. Today, the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games submitted its bid to the USOC to host the 2016 Games (via L.A. Business Journal):

The committee highlighted the city’s sporting facilities, its travel and tourism infrastructure, its position as one of the world’s media capitals and its close ties with the entertainment industry as key advantages it hopes will help the city win the bid over rival Chicago. The city said it will use the Memorial Coliseum, the Home Depot Center and the Staples Center as well as the resources of UCLA, which would serve as the Olympic village. USC would serve as the media/family village.

No word yet on how anyone is actually going to get between those venues in less than 2 hours. Anyway, now it's up to the committee to pay off lobby the USOC so that they will choose L.A. over Chicago to face off against Madrid, New Delhi, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Rome and Tokyo in the final vote by the IOC in October 2009. One thing we’ve got that one else does: the Governator on our side.
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