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Sail Us to the Land of Affordability

Our fine pal ElRoy who let us watch the Rose Bowl on his HD flat screen (we highly recommend it!) emails us with some development news. The bar continues to be raised for interesting designs in affordability, this time by Pugh + Scarpa.

"Looks like the new affordable housing building designed by Pugh+Scarpa at 15th and Broadway in Santa Monica will be ready for move in some time in the next two weeks. This is no ordinary stucco box... there is a giant perforated sheet metal "sail" on the front of the building, as well as a wall made of blocks of crushed cans. Makes for an interesting design. The developer is Community Corporation of Santa Monica." The project will include 41 affordable units, according to the City of Santa Monica. Thank you to Pugh+Scarpa for finding a way to class up poor people while we continue to live in middle-class stucco hell.