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Rumblings & Bumblings: We're Baaaack!

This whole beginning-the-week-on-a-Tuesday has upset our natural cycladian rhythm, and we almost missed posting this week's rumblings & bumblings on a Tuesday. Almost. We wouldn't desert our faithful readers, just because we're still in a nog-induced haze. Post replies, email us, or send us questions for next week, when we'll be back on the top of our real estate game.

1) Brokers: A power couple no more? A very concerned reader wants to know about the health of agents' Todd and Lori Marks marriage: "I inquire because when my girlfriend and I attend the movies at the AMC theatres in Century City we always comment on Todd and Lori’s advertisements that run before the previews -- perfect smiles, and great hair to be sure. So, a few weeks ago when we sat down in the theatre prior to the movie, we noticed an advertisement for Todd Marks, but no Lori. Only one set of perfect teeth, not two. Needless to say we were, and remain, quite perplexedby this solo Marks appearance. Has the power couple split? What’s the story? Have they ventured out on their own?" Say it isn't so.

2) Hollywood: The white condom seems to have torn a couple of holes. The Sunset-Vine tower, a CIM and Kanner Architects project is either showing progress on the demolition, or is the victom of some vicious winds. One reader inquires:"QUESTION is it wind damage to ugly white condom or unveiling of a transparent glass building??? I'm sick of looking at the white condom with advertisements - would prefer to see the building without the ads." Our reader was kind enough to provide photographic evidence (pictured above). We leave it to you to tell us what's going on.

3) Downtown: More questions on LA Live's progress: "Anyone know who or what retailers have signed official leases for the second phase of LA Live?"

4) Mid-city: Now that the Christmas trees are gone, what will become of this lot? "There's a vacant lot at the southwest corner of Olympic and Cochran. Its most recent use has been as a Christmas tree lot--much to the delight of the Orthodox yeshiva across the street, I'm sure. Are there any development plans in the pipeline for it?"

5) Hollywood, part deux: More vacant lot questions, this time farther east. One reader writes: "What's going on at the southeast corner of Western and Fountain? There's definite earth-moving action happening. Currently, it's a hideous intersection and would be nice to see some positive change."

Post your answers, ideas and gossip on the health of the Marks' marriage below, or email us here. Answers will be posted on Thursday.