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Supermarket Roundabout: Tesco Logo

The Financial Times keeps the Tesco news going. First, say hello to Tesco's alter-identity: Fresh & Easy. In lieu of the Tesco store-brand, we will be graced with Fresh & Easy, also a common moniker for starlets moving to LA from the midwest. Via FT:

Firmly targeting the time-starved US grocery shopper, Tesco has registered a logo design for its venture that combines a clock face - signalling convenience - with an an apple stem, reflecting the stores' planned focus on prepared meals and salads. The trademark documents, filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, suggest that Tesco will not attempt to build its brand identity in the US around its own name, which it has previously taken to markets including Thailand and Malaysia.

In an act of possible market ignorance, the clock in the logo is set at five minutes past four, to indicate the time customers, driving home from work, will stop in to buy food. Of course, as we know, few people actually work in LA. And those few that do are lucky to be on a freeway by 4:05PM.
· Tesco takes green clock to US [Financial Times]