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Supermarket Roundabout: Everybody Gets a Tesco!

[Image by flickr user]

After one of our readers dug into the ABC license applications for Tesco, we reported on proposed locations. And you asked "whither Glassell Park?" The Financial Times has not only uncovered Tesco's new logo, but also all of the planned US locations, including three in LA county (Glassell Park included), three in Riverside, three in Orange County, and - count 'em! - five in San Bernadino. Even Ventura County and San Diego get one each. Such is the power of Tesco, that its two main British suppliers, Nature’s Way Foods and 2 Sisters Food Group, are also crossing the pond to set up facilities next to Tesco's distribution center for its prepared food such as salads and pasta dishes. It all sounds impressive, but then again we're easy. We just want spotted dick.
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