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Eater Tastings: The Pancakes Are Flipped Once Again at Du-Pars

TGIF! Time to peek in on our sister site and grab a counter seat to see what's going on in LA's food scene. We hope there's a Mozza mention somewere. Above, the lights at a newly re-opned Du-pars, from the Eater LA flickr pool.

1) Let's begin with the good news: oldies but goodies return. Du-pars reopens with a refurbishment, new chef and media blitz. Now that Govind Armstrong is back from South Beach, he can focus once again on Table 8. And Tengu in Westwood gets a Santa Monica sister restaurant in the old Ivy on the Shore space while Dominick's in Beverly Hills starts construction on Little Dom's in Los Feliz.

2) With every (re)birth, there comes a death. Or so it seems for LA's fickle dining scene. Scientologists force out two Pasadena restaurants. La Belle Epoque shuts down to make way for Little Dom's, and bu-bye Trader Vic's! Hello Waldorf!

3) BataliWatch is so 2006. Now everyone is wondering: when does Bastide re-open? And who will be manning the stove?

4) We never thought we could hate a condiment so much. Ashton Kutcher's new restaurant, Ketchup, is already annoying the shit out of us and it hasn't even opened.

We made it through, with nary a Mozza item to be seen! Now, the question that remains - is it time for lunch yet?
UPDATE: We spoke too soon. Eater LA has begun their official Osteria Mozza countdown today. We knew we couldn't get thru the week without at least one Mozza post.