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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: The WORST

This is the worst week ever. We feel like we failed you, as we were unable to provide any juicy detail to any of your questions. Sure we have some answers, but you expect more. If you have questions for next week, email them to us at We can't do any worse.

(rendering of Kanner Architects)

1) Hollywood: Sorry reader, we got nothing to say about Sunset and Fuller. We dug up some info off of Google but we can't be sure its the same project. Perhaps we'll drive by and look this weekend.

2) Los Angeles: We can decisively say that wood floors are horrendous for the people that live below you. They hear you walk. They hear your cats jump off your bed. They hear you have sex with your stupid girlfriend. Put an area rug down and be considerate.

3) Ladera Heights: That carwash-googie thing, a reader reminds us, is the Kanner project, which Mr. Kanner mentioned in his interview with us. Via commenter PDQ: "it's a new United Oil gas station/mini mart with car wash. Designed by Kanner Architects, the canopy is supposed to evoke a sweeping, curving freeway onramp. The ramp starts on the east side of the property which actually takes you over the store and down into the carwash on the other side of the building. According to Kanner's site (cool renderings if you click on Projects/Commercial - go to second row at the end) the budget is $4 million. I seem to remember that the budget was substantially less when they first started building - can you say "cost overruns"? It'll be completed in "winter 2007".

4) Valley Village: Another miss on our parts, regarding the turning Gibraltar Saving sign. We'll put this one in our files for a second try.

5) Chinatown: As you might guess by now, the Little Joe's Restaurant site shall be called Blossom Plaza in due time. Anon in the comments links us up to a CRA memo [PDF] that spells out the details fairly clearly: "The development would consist of not less than 344 parking spaces, between 166 and 169 residential condominiums, 40,259 rental square feet of retail and restaurant space, a 18,000 square foot Cultural Plaza, Transit Pedestrian walkway connecting the Metro Gold Line Station to Broadway and various intermodal improvements including a 1,891 square foot Metro Station platform expansion and a 1,607 square foot bike shop."

6) West Hollywood: Everyone agrees that the poor, suffering questioner will have to just deal with the backwards beeping. However, if the beeping is occurring before or after the agreed to construction hours, we suggest contacting the Code Compliance people in WeHo by filling out their helpful online form here. Send our regards to Mayor Heilman.

7) Miracle Mile: Just a few answers in the comments on where to find your parking spot. Via Michelle: "6380 Wilshire (@ San Vicente) has a bunch of spaces in the building. I also know that the building next door to us leases spaces." Hope that helps.

We ate a pickle and feel sick.