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Coming Soon: Groceries in Downtown

We can now say with certainty that the real gentry have landed downtown. The long awaited Ralphs, which is another key jewel in downtown’s renaissance crown, is set to open in June after hitting the drawing board way back in April 2003. Its opening will come only about three years late, but we weren’t counting or anything. Finally, no more speculation about whether all of those downtown residents of overpriced lofts will be able to buy groceries without a voyage elsewhere. And they’re classin’ up this joint. The new downtown Ralphs, located at 9th and Flower, is part of CIM's Market Lofts and will feature

an upscale European boutique design with a large deli that includes a meat and seafood counter, a broad selection of prepared foods and a seating area for eating in the market. Other gourmet touches include sushi, a chowder bar, wine cellar, olive bar and cheese station. The store will also hold a pharmacy, floral department, dry cleaners and book section.We’re so proud. It’s like our little abandoned downtown has grown into a big-boy neighborhood.
· Ralphs to Open in June [Downtown News]