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LivingHomes Goes Platinum

Several of us stopped in to the LivingHomes "green ribbon cutting ceremony" last evening. The event, which drew an eclectic crowd of youngsters, oldsters, celebrities, and politicians (and press), recognized the LivingHomes house as the first Platinum certified LEED house in the United States. It was quite a show with a lot of speeches - seriously, a lot of speeches. Among the news to come out of the event, was the launch of the newly redesigned LH website where you can build your own custom home. There are additional homes in the works, and partnerships with other architects. A gent from the County of LA also announced that all new county buildings will be LEED certified. Everyone cheered.

The booze tables were pretty happening most of the evening. In between talking to the barstaff, we spoke to Steve Glenn of LivingHomes, architect Ray Kappe, a USC planning student working with Living Homes, Councilman Eric Garcetti, and another blogger from Inhabitat, who was actually taking notes and not abusing the open bar. Sadly, we didn't get to meet the kids from Unbeige, although they did provide their own entertaining coverage. Saved by the Bell actress Tiffani-Amber Thiessen was the celebrity in residence, as Ed Begley, Jr. was strangely absent from what seemed to be his type of event. It was very, very green and vegan. For one night, the hills of Santa Monica were abuzz with the whirs of Priuses and the good feeling of knowing the carbon we generated driving to the event was offset by the energy efficiency of the house.