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Laguna's Gays in no Mood for Fiesta

There's never a dull moment in the life of the gays of Laguna Beach. After a hard won fight last year to save the Boom Boom Room from imminent demolition, the locals have been blindsided once again by the announced closure of Woody's. The decades old restaurant is shuttering to be replaced by the El Ranchito Mexican restaurant. Via the CoastLine Pilot:

Woody's owner Joel Herzer announced the sale last week on his restaurant's Web site. In a letter dated Jan. 3, Herzer wrote: "To Our Guests:

"After nearly a decade serving the community we have sold Woody's at the Beach effective in February.

"We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who has made these past years what they were. It is never an easy decision to leave a part of your life behind, especially one that has been so integral and affirming as Woody's has been to us. The community has been a family to us and we will miss the day to day experiences that together we shared.

"Thank you again for the privilege of becoming part of your lives."

While the Boom Boom Room was saved temporarily, its lease ends in September meaning it will soon make way for a new non-gay development. The Woody's building has been the site of gay oriented businesses for over 50 years, but no more. Now the straights are taking the margaritas and salsa, too. Wither the Laguna gay?
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