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CAA still paying for Pei

One of our favorite commenters, "Anonymous," saw our link this morning to Defamer's story on CAA's invasion of Culver City and wondered aloud "What becomes of CAA's old digs on Wilshire?" Oh my god, it's like you read our minds. We were just wondering the same thing. While Kevin Huvane and his minions claim the cool kids' lunchtable at the Century City food court, CAA continues to pay the rent for its empty, I.M. Pei-designed tribute-to-Mike-Ovitz's reign of terror offices. Or so claims Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood, who also reports:

Ovitz really, really, wants to eventually move back into the building that was his architectural pride and joy in his heyday. But what in the world would he do with all that space? Besides, I doubt his ex-partners would let him have it. After all, they hate him.In other news, ICM joins its fellow ten-percenters in Century City on Feb 20th and no one is pleased with their new 424 area code.
· Oh, The Horror, The Horror, Of '424' [Deadline Hollywood]