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Beckingham Palace Watch

We're keeping it real here at Curbed LA, listening to you readers. Such as this reader who emails in. "I can't believe you have so much publicity diaharrea over Beckman. He's so over. No one will buy tickets to a soccer game to see him. Who wants to? Now if we had a pro Football team in town wouldn't you pay to see that instead. c'mon be honest you're not going to go to a soccer game to see Beckman play soccer." We agree. We're sick of hearing about Beckman. Therefore, we will only talk about David Beckham. In today's installment of Beckingham Palace Watch, we summarize the latest news. Speculators say the Beckham's may crash in Madonna's Hollywood Hills home. Posh is also interested in Lionel Richie's former 6,000 SF mansion in the Hills, which he built in 1979 "just after he penned smash hits Easy and Three Times A Lady with The Commodores." Wait, nix that last sentence. Posh thinks the Lionel Richie home is too small, the Daily Record reports. Other sources say Posh is looking at "Summit Circle", a gated community for people named Britney Spears, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. Wow, its only been a week and we already hate the Beckhams. In other news, Gridskipper is offering a guide to Los Angeles for under $5.
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