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Rumblings & Bumblings: Blossoms and Beeping

Wow, we busted out of the Westside-Hollywood-Downtown sphere of inquiry this week, with reader questions taking us up and down the So Cal map. It makes us happy. If you have answers this week, email them to us at Or if you have questions for when we do R&B next week, now is also a good time to email us.

(rendering of Blossom Plaza - former site of Little Joe's restaurant, Chinatown)

1) Hollywood: So where's the hip new place to buy drugs, you ask? Well not quite. But here's a related question. "What's happening to the corner of Fuller and Sunset? The construction for what I can only assume to be retail spaces is halting, and seems to have ceased completely in the past few months. The vacant parking lot and surrounding dark areas behind it have become a popular spot for drug dealing and the homeless, though I do occasionally see a security guard."

2) Los Angeles: Anyone care to share their stories of living below an apartment without carpeting? Clippity-clop, clippity-clop all night long. "The majority of apartments in Los Angeles have carpet, what gives? A realtor said hardwood floors are too noisy (to your neighbor below you) in wood frame buildings. Is that true? Clearly wood floors are a huge selling point so it cant be because they are too expensive."

3) Ladera Heights: Googie sighting! "...any word on what the strange building going up at slauson and la brea is? It's got a huge ramp that goes over part of the building - but looks like a googie car wash. Help!"

4) Valley Village: Maybe its the wind. "Who is paying the electric bill for the rotation (although somewhat erratically) of the old Gibraltar Savings sign at the northeast corner of Laurel Canyon and Chandler in Valley Village? Gibraltar Savings went out of business over 15 years but their sign is still moving!"

5) Chinatown: Can someone fill us in on the deets? "What is the story with the Little Joe's site in Chinatown? Heard a lot about it more than a year ago. Is it still a Bond Company project with $ from the CRA? There is a community meeting coming up on the project but I have very little info on the project."

6) West Hollywood: Somebody please make the beeping in our head stop. "i am a resident in west hollywood and now that there is construction all around me. i want to complain about the noise. not the sound of building but the sound of the beeping the construction vehicles make when the back up. this beeping can be hear from blocks away. this is ongoing. do you know who i can complain to about this beeping noise."

7) Miracle Mile: Lucky question number seven. "Do any of the office towers on the Miracle Mile lease out their parking spaces to persons other than commercial tenants? I'm looking at a couple of apartments just off Wilshire that I'd share with 2 or 3 other people. I won't need my car every day if I live there, so I won't need in-unit parking, but I'd like a secure place to store it and get it out a couple times a week, and hopefully not pay more than $100/month for the privilege."

Answers on Thursday!